06 1 / 2013

i had heaps of left over “egg” from my scramble so i converted it to a delicious sammich! i

  • mixed up some egg mix with some egg-free, dairy-free mayo (sidebar: it would appear that most ‘fat free’ supermaket mayos are in fact vegan. this is good news for me but obviously pretty sad news for humanity) and a bit more salt and pepper
  • spread it on bread
  • spread some avocado on bread
  • put cucumber bits on
  • ate it all up


06 1 / 2013

sometimes feeding yourself is just too hard so you put avocado and hot rooster and tabasco on bread and eat it


05 1 / 2013

i ate at borsch, vodka and tears for a dinner meal and it was pretty good! the eastern europeans aren’t known for their vegan foods but i managed. i called the restaurant ahead and asked them about vegan options, they were super helpful! they have a girl who works there who eats vegan, and she was able to tell me what she eats. i had the polish borsch with sauerkraut pierogi and some bread and shiz and also a BEER and also an espresso martini! did you know that kahlua is vegan? it’s true, it is. hooray!

rating: 3.5 out of a possible 5 pierogi (1.5 points lost due to lack of vegan options but all the points for helpful staff)

05 1 / 2013

lately eggs have been creeping me out a bit (so wobbly!) so i’m not mega into them, but weekend scramble is pretty much a mainstay of my life at the moment so a substitute was required.

i got:

  • firm-ish tofu. i used one called ‘chinese tofu’ from costco, it ended up being quite a fragile firm tofu (ie, not silken) and pretty wet and good for mushing
  • sheese
  • soy sauce
  • turmeric
  • salt n pepper
  • onion and garlic

and then i:

  • mushed the tofu up with a bit of turmeric for colour, a few dashes of soy for taste, and grated in some sheese
  • fried the onion and finely grated garlic in the pan in some oil
  • added the tofu mush
  • cooked for a bit
  • added more soy and sheese along with salt and pepper to get the taste happening
  • served on toast and avocado and eaten with heaps of tabasco, like this:


not pictured: heaps of tabasco

LOOK it doesn’t taste like egg, but it does taste pretty good!

04 1 / 2013


6pm. it is OVER A HUNDRED DEGREES HOT and showing no signs of cooling down. RV and LP are very hungry and also slightly grumpy. the heat has dulled their keen abilities to seek out delicious dinner food and plan ahead.

RV: want burrito

LP: yes burrito

RV: burrito quorn

LP: i cannot quorn because quorn contains egg which is totally crazy because i am sure they could use some other kind of coagulator

RV: other thing

LP: my TVP is inside my house which is far away hot bad



Frys make a delicious burger that can be crumbled up and fried into a tasty burrito mince thing! here is how to make the burrito to solve all the problems.

  • chop up an onion and maybe a garlic clove
  • fry the onion and maybe the garlic on the pan
  • crumble up some burgers and maybe add a little water to mash them
  • cook the mashed up burger with the onion and garlic and add some taco seasoning and water like the packet tells you
  • do all the other things you want, like make guac, make some salsa, find some lettuce, reheat some burrito bread things
  • make the burrito of your choice, and put it in your face!

This is what mine looked like:


yummmmmmmmmmmm! not pictured: terrifying quantity of hot sauce

04 1 / 2013

aka bread roll filled with faux meat n faux cheese n sauce n things, eaten at desk

ahhh, the bastardised philly cheesesteak of 2012. so fucking great. the basic principle is:

  • bread roll sliced down the middle (maybe even toasted)
  • filled with hot faux meat mixture thing
  • topped with (faux) cheese
  • covered in hot rooster sauce

i made this baby for lunch by:

  • cooking sliced red onion in a pan until it is delightfully soft and cooked-looking
  • splashing the pan with red wine vinegar
  • cooking in some little chicken nugget
  • adding some sauces (today a little hoisin and a little soy) and some water and letting it cook for a minute
  • spooning the mix into a bread roll, topping with cheezly mozzarella and covering with hot rooster

real good!

04 1 / 2013

ohhhh i <3 faux meat so much! i know everyone hates faux meat because it is ‘unhealthy’ and has a lot of ‘chemicals’ and ‘real vegetarians’ don’t eat faux meat or whatever, but suck on it everyone i have been eating vegetarian food since faux meat consisted just of nutloaf (v upsetting childhood) and i love the shit out of this stuff!

check out this little cutie!


little chicken nugget!

it has no alcohol(?) and no egg and is suitable for vegeans (no dairy) and vegans! i picked this baby up in the frozen section at mix oriental supermarket (great place!) a few months ago and have been slowly defrosting and heating and eating the little chickeny nuggetty morsels ever since. i have no idea what is in them and i’m not really very interested in finding out but i imaging it consists mainly of delicious delicious chemicals.

texture: pretty chewy, a lot like a real chicken nugget i guess

taste: tastes like chicken salt which is very pleasing

price: upwards of $15 - i recall being slightly horrified at the checkout, but 600gs is a lot of nugget and this bag has lasted me for ages

serving suggestion: heated up in the microwave (YEAH I USE A MICROWAVE, TOO! COME HERE, HIPPIES) and covered in sriracha (AKA HOT ROOSTER) because i have a hot sauce problem. but they are also really great in cooking, could add little chickeny things to a stir fry or a curry or anything really! they don’t have an ovewhelmingly ‘asian’ flavour so could conceivably use them in any recipe that wants chunks of chicken. 

03 1 / 2013

ajisen ramen don’t have any actual ramen that is vegetarian because they use pork stock in all their broths, which is a damn shame because ramen is amazing. they do however have a decent vegetarian menu that has a few snacky things and some noodle dishes, and this is what we had:


agedashi tofu and hiyashi chuka (cold noodle salad) with egg on the side


nasu dengaku. eggplant, yo!

they were super cute about the egg situation - we were trying to work out if the egg served with the noodles would be that delicious seasoned egg that comes with ramen in which case the non-vegan could eat it, so we asked for it on the side, and they brought us out this little dish of sliced up egg. 

food was tasty, agedashi wasn’t anything special but the noodles were fine and the eggplant was crazy rich. delicious and quick and sweet service. 

rating: 3.5 out of a possible 5 bowls of ramen (1.5 points lost due to lack of vegetarian ramen and the bland agedashi tofu)

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03 1 / 2013

guys guys guys i fixed my terrible muesli problem! check this out!


the most delicious and pretty and relatively high-in-protein muesli OF ALL TIME.

i took

  • whatever shitty supermarket muesli
  • LSA mix
  • sunflower seeds
  • flaked almonds
  • chopped dates (SECRET TIP: cut them up with scissors! much quicker!)

and just mixed a heap of that stuff up in a tupperware thing, just by eye but i wanted to make sure there was plenty of fun stuff to counteract shitty supermarket muesli. then, i got

  • cloudy apple juice
  • soy milk
  • a whole grated apple

and poured that stuff in pretty much equal portions over the muesli mix, so that it’s wet through but not swimming in liquid. then i put it in the fridge, and then, the next morning, i 

  • spooned some of the mix out into a bowl
  • added some more soy milk to get the muesli wet enough
  • added some berries that i had unfrozen in the fridge overnight

and had a delicious breakfast!

reeeaaaaally happy with my life choices, especially my choices relating to the addition of LSA mix, sunflower seeds, and dates. the mix and seeds are pretty high in protein and the dates give the muesli really fun caramelly bursts. not sure how long the wet mix will or should last in the fridge so i am just going to keep eating it in the mornings until i either run out or i get sick. STAY TUNED!

02 1 / 2013

there is a lot of zucchini happening to me at the moment because the garden of jam_money has sprouted a number of horrifyingly huge zucchinis. so tonight, fritters! there was a suggestion that lentils should be added for protein but i managed to avoid that (because lentils are the worst) by suggesting hidden tofu instead! it was a huge success and we were very proud of ourselves! here’s what happened:

took these things:

  • grated zucchini
  • chopped red onion
  • drained tin of corn
  • firm tofu drained, pressed, and chopped into tiny bits (hidden!)
  • around a cup of flour
  • egg replacer equivalent to 2 eggs (idk, could possibly skip this)
  • spices and salt and pepper

then did this to them:

  • press moisture out of the zucchini
  • mix all the things together in a bowl, adding flour by eye until you get like a pancakey batter with vegies in. it shouldn’t be toooooo wet or tooooo dry
  • roll them into balls and flatten on baking trays and then bake in a hot (180-200C) oven for like 30 minutes

next time i would probably add even more flour to make it even more sticky and fry them in a little oil because oil is delicious. looking at the ingredients this was ridiculously healthy with almost no fat which was completely accidental because i love fat.


this is them the next day! makes a super delicious lunch to eat in the park